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GlobMill is a team of 20 technology obsessed people, who aim to help you focus on growing more on growing your business by designing and developing IoT, security and automation solutions. We are engineers, developers, installers, project managers and vision-oriented minds of the future.

Mykola Melnyk

had of business development

Pavel Holets

account & projectmanager


account & projectmanager

GlobMill was founded 3 years ago by IT professionals who all have 5+ years of experience in their various specialities. Our engineers have unparalleled expertise in developing solutions for nuclear power plants and aviation. We have a serious attitude towards work and we are always learning new technology trends so as to better serve our clients.

Our installers have earned certificates from Honeywell and JVC companies and have completed quite a number of huge projects all around Europe. We work towards ensuring full satisfaction from our clients; we are versatile and ready to make changes to their systems.

The impressive list of successfully finished projects by our developers and project managers are part of the things that truly sets us apart.

Patryk Szymczak


Mykola Melnyk

chief technology officer

Pavel Holets

business development manager

Vladislav Kapran

project manager

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The installers have certificates of Honeywell and JVC companies and outstanding experience in completing huge projects across Europe. The developers and project managers have impressive list of successfully finished projects with impressive traction.

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