Globmill is happy to announce the cooperation with top-leading companies in security industry. Since 2018 Globmill has become a representative of the next companies in Poland:

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for all of us. Camera systems have traditionally been pretty complex, challenging for most people to manage, and costly. We are bringing the latest modern web and cloud technologies to make cameras easier to use, more accessible, and more robust. We believe that by doing this we will expand the applications.


A Cloud Service isn’t only about where the software lives; it’s really a top to bottom approach. Most successful cloud services in other industries have been designed and implemented specifically as a multi-tenant cloud service. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has been developed by a team of focussed engineers with backgrounds in developing large scale cloud systems.


The overall approach is important because it’s not an attempt to retro-fit an existing on-premise video product into the cloud. As a cloud services company, Eagle Eye Networks is dedicated to delivering service to our customers. This is an important distinction from product based companies. As a services company our goal is to ensure the end-to-end solution meets your needs.