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Hardware development is different from software development. Consumer or industrial electronics, while often including integrated firmware and cloud-based and/or mobile software, is primarily not as a pure software product. There are several critical differences between hardware and software product development.


  • Long lead times in designing a subassembly
  • Long lead times in procuring custom parts
  • Sequential phases resulting in longer elapsed times from start to finish
  • System integration takes much longer than pure software projects
  • High level of capital investment required in tooling, requiring careful due diligence
  • You can’t use Agile to speed it up

Here are the common steps we perform for the development of hardware


Development Phase: Preparations

1. Preparation of H/W requirement specification
2. Review and correction of hw requirement specification
3. Preparation of H/W design document
4. Review and correction of hw design document


Development Phase: Engineering Prototype

1. Preparation of Prototype
2. Testing prototype
3. Circuit design
4. Circuit simulation


Development Phase: Engineering “Pre-Production Prototype”

1. PCB design
2. Review and correction of PCB layout
3. Release PCB for manufacturing


Development Phase: Engineering Verification Testt

1. Receipt of bare board and test, assembly of bare board with functional testing
2. Bug report and bug fix
3. Retest


Manufacturing Phase: Mass Production

1. Final documentation
2. Project sign off

Thus, as you can see, hardware development is different from software development, and it takes a lot more work and a lot more time. But don’t worry, we can help you with that!

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