Hardware development

Another important aspect of IoT, hardware systems works together with software systems. Consumer or industrial electronics, while often including integrated firmware and cloud-based and/or mobile software, don’t consist of software components only. Hardware devices are the sensors that collect the data and feed it to software to process them.
Hardware development deals with the design and production of miniature/miniaturization electronic devices which operate on binary 0’s and 1’s. GlobMill is here to help you with all your hardware needs.

We know that developing hardware can be time-consuming due to:

  • Time involved in designing a subassembly
  • Time involved in procuring custom parts
  • Longer time involved in system integration when compared to software projects
  • High level of capital investment required in tooling, which needs careful due diligence

Additionally, in hardware development using Agility to speed up processes isn’t possible.

Steps we take during hardware development


Development Phase: Preparations

1. Preparation of H/W requirement specification
2. Review and correction of H/W requirement specification
3. Preparation of H/W design document
4. Review and correction of H/W design document


Development Phase: Engineering Prototype

1. Preparation of Prototype
2. Testing prototype
3. Circuit design
4. Circuit simulation


Development Phase: Engineering “Pre-Production Prototype”

1. PCB design
2. Review and correction of PCB layout
3. Release PCB for manufacturing


Development Phase: Engineering Verification Tests

1. Receipt of bare board and assembly of bare board with functional testing
2. Bug report and bug fix
3. Retest


Manufacturing Phase: Mass Production

1. Final documentation
2. Project sign out

By now you should understand why hardware development is different from software development. Hardware development takes more work and a lot of time. But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

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